There is no doubt that the ritual of breaking the coconut has its origins in Hindu practice. There is no doubt that it is performed by people of all religions today in India. It is even performed in enterprises conducted by the state, which are supposed to be truly secular.

In a recent debate on television the religious versus the secular aspect of the ritual was discussed. The consensus was that though it originated in Hinduism, it applies to all humanity. All people feel pride in their achievements irrespective of individual religious achievements and all religions preach the virtue of humbling oneself before God. Therefore the ritual does not contradict the tenets of other religions and this accounts for its universal acceptance.

Smashing the coconut is symbolic of annihilating the ego and humbling oneself before God. When ever a work of magnitude is undertaken it is natural for the persons involved to feel a sense of pride at what they are setting out to achieve or what they have achieved. This ritual indicates that the actual “doer” is God and humans are merely instruments in his hands. Coconuts are also broken before the deities in temples during normal worship. Again, the philosophy is the same – complete submission to God.

The Sunday before Easter, often called Palm Sunday, is a reminder of Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. As He rode a donkey into the city, crowds scattered palm branches along Jesus’ path. (See Matt. 21:6–11.)

Many people think that palm branches were used because there were so many palm trees in that part of the world, but there were other reasons for choosing them. The palm branch was the emblem of Judea and appeared on the coins of the land, symbolizing one of the country’s riches. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the trees were in bloom, so in covering the way with palm branches, the people were offering a symbol of great value and luxury.

But palms were a symbol of necessity, too. To the Jews, palm branches represented a gift from God because of their many uses in the people’s lives. The palm was so important that when countries in the area went to war, they cut away the enemy’s palm branches, causing their enemy to suffer from the loss of food and other necessities.

Strewing palm branches at Jesus’ feet, then, was a symbol of the giving up of worldly goods, both necessities and luxuries. The people loved and honored Jesus, and they showed their love and honor by lining His path with something very important to them.

The structure of the coconut also has been given a deep spiritual significance. As defined in the Vedanta (the ultimate book of knowledge) Man is made up of the Gross Body (physical body), Subtle Body (mind- that relating to world), Causal Body ( a higher state of mind) and the Atman (soul/true self). The smooth outer skin of the coconut represents man’s Gross Body. Within the Gross body is the subtle body of mind, this is represented by the matted coir of the coconut, indicating the desires and attachments of man with the outer world. The hard shell represents the Causal Body and the white inside the Kernel represents the Self..

The fibre covering of the dried coconut is removed except for a tuft on the top. The marks on the coconut make it look like the head of a human being. The coconut is broken, symbolising the breaking of the ego. The juice within, representing the inner tendencies (vaasanas) is offered along with the white kernel – the mind, to the Lord. A mind thus purified by the touch of the Lord is used as prasaada ( a holy gift).

Coconut is a fruit, the end result of some action. Similarly as an end result of our actions we also obtain some fruit (a particular status in the material world and state of mind) PLUS a new set of desires from this achieved platform. Basically the end result of working on one set of desires is another set of desires.

When you offer the coconut fruit to god, the significance that you are required to keep in mind is that you are giving up the fruit, i.e. the new set of desires relating to the materialistic world.

Coconut Palm Tree is called the ‘Tree of Life’, ‘The tree from heaven which gives all that you desire’ by those living in coastal areas. As a thanksgiving to God and a symbolic gesture,for the path to Self Realization which you tend to forget in the midst of the stress and strain of day to day living.

Coconut is a cleaning tool in Indian Rituals that can be eaten and served for the purposes to put The Divine first and foremost, after completing and starting the accomplishments of any desires. Also this is the divine tool for asking forgiveness from & thanksgiving to divinity to erase eons of memories of putting the world,ourselves or anything first ahead and instead of the Divine,with complete surrender by assuming 100% responsibility with a feeling of I AM SORRY (for all the completed and/or started accomplishments of any desires in the past.) It brings forgiveness by thanksgiving to and from the divine.Thus it is the divine tool for purification of desires according to the divine’s truth in thoughts,words,deeds and actions, by assuming the 100% responsibility and surrendering the Ego caused by desires acted upon by putting the world, ourselves or anything first ahead and instead of Divine with a feeling of I AM SORRY..I AM 100% RESPONSIBLE..PLS. FORGIVE ME..THANK YOU..I LOVE U.. With all the gratitude and thanks to the coconuts to give us the chance to release,clean,purify the egoist memories by transmuting and replacing them with divine’s pure highest vibrations of love,light,truth,abundance,power,peace, inspirations and guidance. It is strongly suggested to meditate with the inner child to teach him the spiritual significance of coconut and TO CLEAN WITH THE COCONUT TOOL INSTANTLY & EFFECTIVELY JUST by eating,by serving,by saying, listening, talking, reading, thinking of this divine tool in any language and by feelings,remembering, seeing, picture,painting and photograph, by imagining,by dreaming and applicable effectively even by any and every other modality known or unknown to us.THANK YOU.. I AM 100% RESPONSIBLE,..I AM SORRY..PLS.FORGIVE ME…THANK YOU..I LOVE YOU…LIGHT SWITCH..FLY PAPER..CANDY CANES

Ho’oponopono cleaning tools TREE..And TREES are the elevators that take us directly to God.








 IN honour of the artist of this beautiful “Tree Painting by Willow Arlenea”: Pls. vist her site with all the love and thanks,    http://www.designsbywillow.com/site/gallery/treeoflife.htm


INDIGO BLUE LIGHT 7 TIMES….EMERALD GREEN LIGHT 7 TIMES…ICE BLUE LIGHT 7 TIMES…LEMON TO WHITE LIGHT ….THE COLOR OF SEA FOAM IN SUNLIGHT….PURE DIVINE LIGHT 7 TIMES…Ginger snaps.. Red Maple Leaf…Apple Cider/Solar Water Mix….Blood Disorders..Candy canes…Burrito…light switch….fly paper…I am the “I”……Self Identity…..Inner child…Mornnah’s prayer…Light Rain…God bless me….I love u..thank you..I m sorry..pls forgive me..I m 100% responsible….Braco’s Golden sun……Braco’s Energy Mandala…Sunflowers…lemon drops…..dew drops…..CEEPORT…..ice blue….popcorns…..Silence Pills…..Clenching Fists…Lehua Honey..Honey Straw…Coconut…..palm tree…..bottle palm plant..Bubble Gum…hot chocolate….The Water of Life..3/4 Full Water Glass Coverd & Uncovered….blue solar water..Ha breathing 7 rounds…hawaii..pencil… eraser..delete..indigo/ice blue/white…….emerald green/white…….gold key…Gold ring…God first…Let go and let God…down feathered pillows…jellybean…green maple leaf…pretzels….pancakes…fern plant..Flower Cleansing Icon…Redwood…Double yellow hibiscus/tradafir… I pull the plug….drinking sour lemon…I hold the clothesline….I reach for Divinity’s hand…hummingbird..orange…..orange juice… huna..strawbery….blueberry..blue bells…blue corn chips….corn…cornchips…cornmeals..corns..Maize..silence pills..peace begins with me…pillar of peace of I….indigo bowl…flor de lis….m&m…vanillia ice cream..butterfly..marsh mallow…My wild irish rose…frangipani flower……rainbow….oriogen huna…ahahahaha….Hawaii…Ho’oponopono cleaner tree…23 rd salm….Pendulum..huna pule…Hu…Hu…Hu…moment by moment!….Perfect Source…Pine nuts…Pretzel…priority list…Sea Shell food…tiny tiny drop pill…Toast…Butter….Life savers…TOTEM POLE…Waffle…Silver Rod…Pink Crystal Lily…..Personal Cleaning Tools….Dhoomavati(crow)….welcome…Zero… Infinity…inspirations….THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU…moment by moment,..I LOVE U..LOVE U…LOVE U…moment by moment:Peace of I….AND IT IS DONE…AMEN.


Once Again, i strongly suggest,IN honour of the artist of this beautiful “Tree Painting by Willow Arlenea”: Pls. vist her site with all the love and thanks,    http://www.designsbywillow.com/site/gallery/treeoflife.htm 





This Cleaning Tree now and it stands tall and Serene and Powerful , The Tree of the Divine !!! I visualize this tree as ho’oponopono tree having with all the activated cleaning tools..from my grounding till sky and in every way. The Tree of Life is a map, a flow pattern, that all the spiritual traditions are based on. Originating in the times of the Great Goddess, the tree is a metaphor of how life force consciousness emerges from the collective (Mother Goddess), differentiates, and then merges again into oneness. IN honour of the artist of this beautiful “Tree Painting by Willow Arlenea”: Pls. vist her site with all the love and thanks, http://www.designsbywillow.com/site/gallery/treeoflife.htm


http://www.intentionaltreasures.com/healing-vessels/ “When you have a person or an issue in your life in need of healing, write down the name(s) or the problem and put it in this vessel. Ask that the problem be resolved, or that the person receive healing, and place it on your altar or put it in a sacred place. This is how healing begins. The Ho’oponopono mantras “I love you, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me and Thank You” are engraved on the vessel. You may also insert a lock of hair, a memento from childhood, or any other item placed inside that you would like to transfer healing energy to.









Pull out from my Memory Bank all the unwanted, negative memories And blocks. 

Sever, Detach, untie and Release these unwanted memories and Blocks.

Transmute these unwanted energies to “PURE LIGHT”.


With total Forgiveness and Unconditional Love I delete the old from my DNA release it and let it go now.


I allow every PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL PROBLEM and INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR based on the memories to quickly disappear.


Thank you SPIRIT , for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full Measure of my creation.

Thanks You, Thank you, Thank You. I love you. Praise god from whom All blessings flow.

Now and Forever more….. AMEN

* Anytime I do anything with WATER

~ drink, shower, bathe, swim, wash my hands or dishes, etc…..




you can think Blue Solar Water or drink a glass whenever you feel an emotional hook or memory affecting you connected to anyone or anything and it will loosen it for you. Water is what we are made of and the water in our bodies carries the memories of our lives and past lives so each time we drink Blue Solar Water or think it or even any water that has been blessed dowsed or returned to its natural divine state it is cleansing these memories from the water in our bodies. So lots of problems can disappear from our memory bank with drinking water that is alive and has the Divine fully present in it … So next time you feel stressed angry fearful or upset drink a glass of Blue Solar Water or water you have blessed and purified , (even saying I love you and thankyou to the water will cleanse it) , and see how your emotional state changes to a more peaceful loving state. Our normal drinking water has chemical pollutants in it , negative emotions and memories and isn’t charged the way it is in nature and so is contaminated so it is very important to clean up our water and the water in our bodies with our clear intent, blessings , prayers , dowsing, Blue Solar water treatment etc.. So lets clean up ourselves and the World one drop at a time ..

Erika L Soul of RainbowHealings.com



These are a collection of statements I have put together , some are ones I have found and rewrote and some are my own inspirations. You can say them for a relationship or for yourself when you’re in stuff! Most are ho’oponopono words and a few are ones I use from other sources as well. I suggest reading them outloud or mentally when in conflict or memories are triggered ~Soulerika


You can say silently or out loud during an interaction :



Saying God Bless you ~I Love You~ over and over during any Conflict( or after) with another cleans whatever is causing it and miracles can happen.


Victory is another word received as an inspiration by Al McAllister for remorse regret resentment ill feelings violation victimisation etc.


Say or think ~I turn the Lightswitch on my thoughts of me my family relatives and ancestors, ( or the person’s name you are having difficulty with.-this voids toxic energies and emotions.


I am sorry. Please forgive me for whatever is going on within me That I am experiencing as pain ,problems and resentment in this R___ due to things I have experienced since we first met. Thankyou I love you Lightswitch


Divinity, Please clean and erase the memories and data in me that I Am experiencing as suffering and resentment and problems in this R____ ever since it began, the whole movie I have been starring In with this person to zero, I Love you~ I am sorry~Please forgive me~Thank you.


Divinity ~please cleanse to zero all the memories that are now playingWithin me causing any stress negativity or problems, thankyou.  I Love you~ I am sorry~ Please forgive me.~Thank you.


Divinity ~please cleanse to zero all the memories that are playing Within me now causing any stress negativity or problems in my relationship with ….. thankyou

I Love you~ I am sorry~Please forgive me~Thank you.


I am sorry ~please forgive me for whatever I am bringing where I am not seeing this person as the Divine sees them , as perfect.


I wish to release any divisive thoughts about this person so I am at peace at zero returned to my true self .


What’s going on in me that’s causing this person to bug me?


I am sorry Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me That I am feeling bugged by them .


I am sorry for the erroneous thoughts within me that have caused The problem for me and them , please forgive me. I love you thank you


If there is something going on in me that I am experiencing this Person in such a way I would like to let go of them, I Love you~ I am sorry~ Please forgive me~Thank you.


Morrnah’s Prayer…..

Divine creator, father, mother, son as one … If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness … Let this cleanse, purify, Release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light … And it is done.”


“I love you dear memories and I am grateful for the opportunity to free all of you and me.”

I Love you~I am sorry~ Please forgive me~Thank you.


Saying May the Blessings Be or Thy will be done allows whatever is Best to be between you and another so you can hand the relationshipAnd the issue up to God ( Creator or the Divine ) then you can get out of thinking what you should do about it. This is a brave thing to do And takes courage to let go and trust the Divine to do whatever Is best for you both.


I like to say I surrender my desire into Gods will and God’s desire With my hand on my stomach area as then I let go of my attachment to the desire and allow what is the best thing to occur. Sometimes its a desire for and against something wanting to and not wanting To, saying this statement sure sorts this out and releases our attachment to outcomes.


HU is a powerful cleaning word that brings spiritual peace andspiritual help so if you forget everything you can just sing HU a lovesong to God , we are HUman ~part man part Divine


“Peace begins with me.” ~ Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D


Pillar of the Peace of I.


Love & Blessings



“I am responsible for my reactions to the events of my life, even though I may not have created them.”

Howard Thurman


One of the ways that we punish ourselves and others is with the false assertion that we have attracted or created everything that happens in our life.


Do we have an influence on what shows up for us? Of course we do, but we live in a society of creative beings and we all interact.


Our job is to keep our thinking positive and goal oriented.


But sometimes stuff happens. It’s not helpful to blame ourselves for problems that show up; as our quote says, what’s important is not who caused it, but how we respond to it.


We are 100% responsible for that!


If we respond with fear, anger, blame or other negative emotions we are just making it worse. Every problem has a solution and the calm, positive and optimistic mind has the best chance of coming up with a solution.


The name for this response is non- resistance. It’s the second Gratitude principle in the Gratitude ebook.


It just means that we don’t argue with “what is.” Arguing with “what is” is like complaining that the sun doesn’t rise in the west. It’s futile.


So put your creative energy into your response to what happens.


It’s much more effective.




Peace Begins With Me


Dr Len points out that we always need to remember the very old saying: “Peace begins with me.” He says that if there is to be peace on earth; it needs to begin individually with each one of us.


Dr Len says that Ho’oponopono is about looking within ourselves for debts, errors or blocks in our subconscious mind that replay as problems, judgments, putdowns and all kinds of other problems.



The Blocks Are Within

Dr Len says that Ho’oponopono is about saying to The Divine within us (The Self): “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me, that I experience the world in me this way”.



Taking 100% Responsibility

Dr Len says that when we are willing to take 100% responsibility for whatever we experience in our life, we can then go onto the next step where we say “I am sorry, and not only am I sorry, but please forgive me for what ever is going on in me that caused this”.

By saying sorry and taking 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in our lives, we are in essence saying to The Divine “I am 100% responsible, the problem is within me, and I would like You to convert whatever that memory, debt, block, error or problem is to nothing.”

And when The Divinity converts the block or memory to nothing, we return back to our original state, which is Zero or clarity.

Dr Len says that only when we have clarity, can The Divinity provide us with insight, inspiration and whatever is perfect for us.


Dr Len Watches Himself

Dr Len says that as he experiences whatever comes in to his life, he gets back to his Ho’oponopono cleaning, because he knows that “Peace begins with me”.

Dr Len says that he is willing to be 100% responsible for whatever he experiences in his life, and he makes the point that as he experiences woes and problems in his life, he constantly reminds himself that the source that caused it is within him.


Dr Len Is Working Moment To Moment With Divinity

Dr Len points out that therapists that take 100% responsibility for what they see in their clients and include “I am sorry” and “I love You” as part of their work with patients feel less burned out, and are much more effective because “Peace begins with me”.


The Problem Is Within Us

Dr Len says that as we are willing to be 100% responsible for whatever we experience in our lives, we shift our perception of the world, and that causes the world to change.

We have to take 100% responsibility for the problem within us.

Dr Len says that we all keep looking outside of ourselves for how we can solve the world’s problems, but that doesn’t work.


Working On Others Is Not Our Job

Dr Len points out that he was trained as an educator from 1964 to 1982 to help handicapped and developmentally disabled children, but then over twenty years later, he learned that that is not his job.


Change The Way We Perceive Other People

Dr Len then learned that his job is to help himself by letting go of how he perceived handicapped children.

As he changed the way that he perceived handicapped children (quite like how he changed the way he perceived the mentally criminally insane patients at the Hawaii State Hospital in the late 80’s) they changed.


Dr Len points out that it is most important to look at our own world first, and if we are willing to do that, our impact on the whole Cosmos will be enormous.

He went on to stress that most people think they are here to help other people and bring peace to the world, but that we are only here to bring peace to ourselves, because by bringing peace to ourselves, we bring peace to the world (and not the other way round).


Dr Len says that the only thing that works is if we look within ourselves and clear up the “stuff” in us. He points out that as he does this, he notices that people get well and are able to start taking responsibility for themselves.


Shakespeare’s Profound Insight

According to Dr Len, the person who had the most profound insight into the human condition was Shakespeare. Shakespeare points out over and over in all of his Sonnets that the woes that we experience now are the woes that we have experienced before.


The Change First Has To Happen In Us

Dr Len says that when we see the woe in a judgmental way, it means that it is already in us, but if we let go of if and do our Ho’oponopono cleaning by saying “I’m sorry for whatever is going on in me that I perceive the woe a certain way”, only then does it change.

But the change has to take place in us first.


Incessant Ho’oponopono Cleaning

Dr Len says that cleaning memories from our subconscious mind takes incessant moment by moment Ho’oponopono cleaning.

Experience People The Way The Divine Created Them

Dr Len points out that we never experience things correctly, but we always experience our reaction to them. Dr Len knows that when he meets people, he does not experience them the way The Divine created them, so he continuously cleans by saying to The Divine “I am sorry for what ever is going on in me that I do not experience people the way You created them, please forgive me”.

By doing this, Dr Len is asking The Divinity to cancel what is in him, that causes him to react to people, and not see them as they truly are – Divine Beings.

Dr Len says that once we let go of the dictate of memories by doing the Ho’oponopono cleaning, the memories stop playing, and not only the memories we hear playing, but many other memories simultaneously playing, but we are unaware of.


He says that when we do Ho’oponopono, we are asking The Divine to remove the faults from our Soul and subconscious mind so that we can see people being perfect, the way The Divine created them, and when we respond to them, they will respond as being perfect.

Dr Len went on to say that if we want to see people without problems, we need to get rid of our own problems first.


Dr Len says that Ho’oponopono is only about working on yourself and looking at the data and info in your personal subconscious mind that causes burdens and should be removed.


Anger Is A Memory Replaying

Dr Len says that when people are angry, it is not the person who is angry, but it is a memory replaying anger.

He said that if we know this and keep it mind, we can change the data.

The Ho’oponopono we do is not changing the other person, because that person is perfect, but what is imperfect is the data, and we have to ask The Divinity to convert that data to zero.



100% Responsibility For Whatever We Are Experiencing

Dr Len says that when we are doing Ho’oponopono, we are clearly stating to The Divine “I am 100% responsible for what I am experiencing, and I am experiencing suffering in the form of judgment or whatever. Something is going on in me (some data or memory) and it is dictating this experience, and I would like to be 100% responsible for it. I am sorry for that.” He went on to say that the conscious mind does not take responsibly, and resorts to blame.


Erasing Memories Replaying In The Subconscious Mind

Dr Len says that as humans, we have “stuff” going on that we can’t help because of the memories replaying in our subconscious mind, and these blocks prevent us from experiencing

The Divine.

Ho’oponopono is about erasing those memories that keep us from absolutely truly living and not being constrained by fear and how we feel.

Ho’oponopono is about working on whatever is going on in us that we are not able (generation after generation) to move through to a point where we can experience The Divine.



Avoid Trying To Figure Out What Is Going On

Dr Len say that Ho’oponopono is about giving up those things in us that keep us stuck and constrained, and that we have no idea of what those things even are. He says that we don’t know what we don’t know, so he tries not to figure out what is going on in his life, or with the people that he consults with, but that all times, he only does his Ho’oponopono cleaning on himself.


Dr Len points out that as he does his personal Ho’oponopono cleaning, he notices that people are able to work through their problems, and often they say to him that they would also like to learn how to do Ho’oponopono themselves.



Who Are We?

Dr Len says that we can be our own therapist/guru/healer, and that all we have to do is answer a couple of questions; – The most important being “Who am I?”

According to Dr Len, that is the most important question of creation, but unfortunately, most people don’t know who they are.

Dr Len said that if we know who we are, we would realize that we need to take 100% responsibility for everything we experience in our life, but that we cannot blame other people for not knowing this.


What Is A Problem?

The other thing we need to know, according to Dr Len is “What is a problem, and where is the problem?”

Dr Len says that all problems are a result of memories replaying in our subconscious mind, but that he does not deal with problems.


He says that we are all children of The Divine, and are an exact replica of The Divinity, which is at its natural state Void (clear) and Infinite, and that our job is to return to that original state of being clear, empty and Infinite.

So Ho’oponopono is about erasing and cleaning the block in our subconscious mind so that we can come back to zero/clarity, and that only out of that clarity can Divinity come in as inspiration.



Being Clear And Infinite

Dr Len says that every day he works on letting go of the blocks in his life, that keep him from being one with The Divine; – Which is to be Clear and Infinite. Dr Len says that he does his Ho’oponopono cleaning so that he is clear and able to move through his life without experiencing hardships, anger, resentment, blame or problems.



Blame Doesn’t Work

Dr Len says that blame and saying “How Come?” doesn’t work in therapy, family or governments, but when we get back to Zero, then The Divinity can infuse our mind with whatever is perfect for us. Dr Len says that he takes 100% responsibility for whatever he experiences as problem in the word, because he knows that the whole world is within him, and that as he changes by being 100% responsible and saying “I’m sorry”, the world changes too.



Moment By Moment Ho’oponopono Cleaning

Dr Len says that he drinks blue solar water moment by moment because it is another important Ho’oponopono cleaning tool.

From the moment that Dr Len gets up in the morning, until he goes to bed at night, he is staying with the Ho’oponopono cleaning, because he knows that erasing memories requires incessant Ho’oponopono cleaning.

He says that as we stop cleaning, we go ‘bonkers’ with the rest of the world.


Cleaning On People’s Names

Dr Len says that as people sign up for his weekend Ho’oponopono seminars, he works on their names before he enters the room.

He does this because he is attempting to reduce “piles of stuff” (memories and data in his subconscious mind) that he shares with other people. He says that if he doesn’t do this, he will show up at the class, and the class will go crazy and be stuck in thinking because he didn’t get ready for them.

Dr Len is always doing his Ho’oponopono cleaning – before, during and after he does anything.

Dr Len says that Divinity knows his connection with people he has not yet met, and whatever memories he has in common with them, and which memories are important for him to let go of.


Talking To The Divinity, Who Knows Everything

Dr Len says that Ho’oponopono is about talking to The Divinity, Who knows everything, and that he (Dr Len) is just making amends with The Divinity, because he doesn’t have any idea of what may be going on in him that is going to bug other people.

So Dr Len looks at The Divinity within himself which is The Source that knows everything, because he (Dr Len) knows nothing.

Dr Len went on to say that there is a part of us called “The Divine Creator”, and that Source knows what is going on. That is why we make an appeal, and that Source in us can cancel the information and data in our subconscious mind.


The Intellect Cannot Cancel Error Memories

Dr Len makes that point our intellect does not have the ability to cancel error memories in our subconscious mind because that is not its function.

The function of the intellect, according to Dr Len, is to make the choice of whether we are going to take 100% responsibility for everything we experience in our life (or not), and that he would like to be 100% responsible for whatever is in him that would bug other people.


Memories Make Decisions For Us

Dr Len made the point that there is enough research that proves that at any second, there are more than 11 million pieces of data going on, but that our conscious mind is only aware of 15 of them. (Tor Norretranders – The User Illusion)

He went on to say that it is scientifically proven that our conscious mind does not make our decisions, but that it is memories that that define our decisions for us.

Dr Len also said that it is memories that tell us to judge and have anger and resentment, and the conscious mind itself does not make decisions.



Allowing Divinity To Make Our Decisions

But Dr Len wants Divinity to make his decisions. Dr Len says that we can’t serve two masters; memories making decisions and Divinity. We need to choose, and in order to have Divinity make the decisions for us, we need to have the memories in our subconscious mind cancelled.


Everyone Is Already Perfect

Dr Len stressed that everyone is already perfect, but what is imperfect is the data in our subconscious minds, and that is what we have got to work on.

Dr Len said that the world is within us, and by changing the world in us, we change everything.



Dr Len used the analogy of the concert master at the symphony orchestra to explain the Ho’oponopono cleaning.

“The orchestra always tunes up before beginning, and this is what the Ho’oponopono cleaning is, because as we get tuned up, so does everyone else. But if we come in un-tuned, it is hell to pay, and we will feel pain”.

Dr Len says that as we change the data in us that we have in common with other people, The Divine erases it from us, and them too.

Dr Len concluded by asking: What kind of profound shift would the whole world experience if everyone took 100% responsibility for everything they experienced in their life and did not get caught up in blame?





“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ”                                              Helen Schucman

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable it is when your nose or lungs are congested and it’s hard to breathe?

There you are, surrounded by air, and it’s free, and you can’t get enough because of obstructions in your own system.

Sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it, and yet we’ve all experienced it.

Today’s quote is reminding us that we do the same thing with other important things in our life – like love.

The only reason we think we don’t have enough is because of the congestion in our own system. We’re actually surrounded by it, too.

We do it with joy, we do it with purpose, we do it with opportunity, we do it with many things.

It’s easy to see only the supposed obstacles and to dwell in self pity about how hard life is.

Today I invite you to think about what you feel is lacking in your life, and ask yourself what barriers you have within yourself that keep you from having enough.

Your mind’s first reaction will be to deny that it has anything to do with the problem. Actually, it has everything to do with the problem!

Visualize a great sea of abundance that surrounds you and contains all you need and more.

Open yourself to see it and accept it. Listen to your mind object and argue and it will be clear where the barriers are in your beliefs.

Deny the limiting beliefs and visualize the abundance instead.

You’ll be very, very, grateful you did!

Letting Go Affirmations


Letting Go Affirmation Statements

  • I am worry free.
  • I release all fears of not being perfect. I am good enough. I am perfect in my own way.
  • I let go of all expectations. I am free to live the life I’ve dreamed.
  • I let go of the need to control others. I allow others to make their own way.
  • Possessions do not feed my spirit. I am liberated from the desire to hoard things.
  • I give things away freely.
  • I say goodbye to things in my life that are blocking my spiritual growth.
  • I leave go of past relationships with love and clear my spirit of chains to the past to make way for new love to enter my life.
  • I hold on to the positive memories from past relationships and leave go of the dark memories with love.
  • I release! I let go! I coast along with my hands off the controls.
  • I breathe freely without constraints. My energy flows without care alongside the wayward winds.
  • The past is gone, the future uncertain. Today is now and I face it head on.
  • I let go of my regrets. I am grateful for lessons my past missteps taught me.
  • I release my chaotic monkey mind. My mind is clear of distractions. I am focused.

“Only compassion is therapeutic.”


“Only compassion is therapeutic.” 

Yes, only compassion is therapeutic — because all that is ill in man is because of lack of love. All that is wrong with man is somewhere associated with love. He has not been able to love, or he has not been able to receive love. He has not been able to share his being. That’s the misery. That creates all sorts of complexes inside.


Those wounds inside can surface in many ways: they can become physical illness, they can become mental illness — but deep down man suffers from lack of love. Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul. The body cannot survive without food, and the soul cannot survive without love. In fact, without love the soul is never born — there is no question of its survival.


You simply think that you have a soul; you believe that you have a soul because of your fear of death. But you have not known unless you have loved. Only in love does one come to feel that one is more than the body, more than the mind.


That’s why I say compassion is therapeutic. What is compassion? Compassion is the purest form of love. Sex is the lowest form of love, compassion the highest form of love. In sex the contact is basically physical; in compassion the contact is basically spiritual. In love, compassion and sex are both mixed, the physical and the spiritual are both mixed. Love is midway between sex and compassion.


You can also call compassion prayer. You can also call compassion meditation. The highest form of energy is compassion. The wordcompassion is beautiful: half of it is passion — somehow passion has become so refined that it is no longer like passion. It has become compassion.


In sex, you use the other, you reduce the other to a means, you reduce the other to a thing. That’s why in a sexual relationship you feel guilty. That guilt has nothing to do with religious teachings; that guilt is deeper than religious teachings. In a sexual relationship as such you feel guilty. You feel guilty because you are reducing a human being to a thing, to a commodity to be used and thrown away.


That’s why in sex you also feel a sort of bondage; you are also being reduced to a thing. And when you are a thing your freedom disappears, because your freedom exists only when you are a person. The more you are a person, the more free; the more you are a thing, the less free. The furniture in your room is not free. If you leave the room locked and you come after many years, the furniture will be in the same place, in the same way; it will not arrange itself in a new way. It has no freedom. But if you leave a man in the room, you will not find him the same — not even the next day, not even the next moment. You cannot find the same man again.


Old Heraclitus says: You cannot step in the same river twice. You cannot come across the same man again. It is impossible to meet the same man twice, because man is a river, continuously flowing. You never know what is going to happen. The future remains open. For a thing, future is closed. A rock will remain a rock, will remain a rock. It has no potentiality for growth. It cannot change, it cannot evolve. A man never remains the same. May fall back, may go ahead; may go into hell or into heaven but he never remains the same. Goes on moving, this way or that.


When you have a sexual relationship with somebody, you have reduced that somebody to a thing. And in reducing him you have reduced yourself also to a thing, because it is a mutual compromise that “I allow you to reduce me to a thing, you allow me to reduce you to a thing. I allow you to use me, you allow me to use you. We use each other. We both have become things.”


That’s why…watch two lovers: when they have not yet settled. the romance is still alive, the honeymoon has not ended and you will see two persons throbbing with life, ready to explode — ready to explode the unknown. And then watch a married couple, the husband and the wife, and you will see two dead things, two graveyards, side by side — helping each other to remain dead, forcing each other to remain dead. That is the constant conflict of the marriage. Nobody wants to be reduced to a thing!


Sex is the lowest form of that energy “X.” If you are religious, call it “God”; if you are scientific, call it “X.” This energy, X, can become love. When it becomes love, then you start respecting the other person. Yes. sometimes you use the other person, but you feel thankful for it. You never say thank-you to a thing. When you are in love with a woman and you make love to her, you say thank-you.


When you make love to your wife, have you ever said thank-you? No, you take it for granted. Has your wife said thank-you to you ever? Maybe, many years before, you can remember some time when you were just undecided, were just trying, courting, seducing each other — maybe. But once you were settled, has she said thank-you to you for anything? You have been doing so many things for her, she has been doing so many things for you, you are both living for each other but gratitude has disappeared.


In love, there is gratitude, there is a deep gratefulness. You know that the other is not a thing. You know that the other has a grandeur, a personality, a soul, an individuality. In love you give total freedom to the other. Of course, you give and you take; it is a give-and-take relationship…but with respect.


In sex,it is a give-and-take relationship with no respect. In compassion, you simply give. There is no idea anywhere in your mind to get anything back; you simply share. Not that nothing comes! millionfold it is returned, but that is just by the way, just a natural consequence. There is no hankering for it.


In love, if you give something, deep down you go on expecting that it should be returned. If it is not returned, you feel complaining. You may not say so, but in a thousand and one ways it can be inferred that you are grumbling, that you are feeling that you have been cheated. Love seems to be a subtle bargain.


In compassion you simply give. In love, you are thankful because the other has given something to you. In compassion, you are thankful because the other has taken something from you; you are thankful because the other has not rejected you. You had come with energy to give, you had come with many flowers to share, and the other allowed you, the other was receptive. You are thankful because the other was receptive.


Compassion is the highest form of love. Much comes back — a millionfold, I say — but that is not the point, you don’t hanker for it. If it is not coming there is no complaint about it. If it is coming you are simply surprised! If it is coming, it is unbelievable. If it is not coming there is no problem — you had never given your heart to somebody for any bargain. You simply shower because you have. You have so much that if you don’t shower you will become burdened. Just like a cloud full of rainwater has to shower. And next time when a cloud is showering watch silently, and you will always hear, when the cloud has showered and the earth has absorbed, you will always hear the cloud saying to the earth “Thank-you.” The earth helped the cloud to unburden.


When a flower has bloomed, it has to share its fragrance to the winds. It is natural! It is not a bargain, it is not a business; it is simply natural! The flower is full of fragrance — what to do? If the flower keeps the fragrance to itself then the flower will feel very, very tense, in deep anguish. The greatest anguish in life is when you cannot express, when you cannot communicate, when you cannot share. The poorest man is he who has nothing to share, or who has something to share but has lost the capacity, the art, of how to share it; then a man is poor.


The sexual man is very poor. The loving man is richer comparatively. The man of compassion is the richest; he is at the top of the world. He has no confinement, no limitation. He simply gives and goes on his way. He does not even wait for you to say a thank-you. With tremendous love he shares his energy. This is what I call therapeutic.


Buddha used to say to his disciples, “After each meditation, be compassionate — immediately — because when you meditate, love grows, the heart becomes full. After each meditation, feel compassion for the whole world so that you share your love and you release the energy into the atmosphere and that energy can be used by others.”


I would also like to say that to you: After each meditation, when you are celebrating, have compassion. Just feel that your energy should go and help people in whatsoever ways they need it. Just release it! You will be unburdened, you will feel very relaxed, you will feel very calm and quiet, and the vibrations that you have released will help many. End your meditations always with compassion.


And compassion is unconditional. You cannot have compassion only for those who are friendly towards you, only for those who are related to you. Compassion is all-inclusive…intrinsically all-inclusive. So if you cannot feel compassion for your neighbor, then forget all about meditation, because it has nothing to do with somebody in particular. It has something to do with your inner state. Be compassion! unconditionally, undirected, unaddressed. Then you become a healing force into this world of misery.


Osho, A Sudden Clash of Thunder, Talk #8





Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) allows the situation to unfold naturally, without effort or suffering.  As the errors are moved to love through cleaning, the situation is allowed to unfold divinely, perfectly.  And this is so with any relationship or situation in our lives, no matter what it might be. 

Handling the situation by Thinking, causes chaos and confusion. First of all thinking deals only with effects, what is perceived, not causes as cleaning does. Thinking comes from “I know” yet only love knows, really. Thinking looks outside self. Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) works inside self where the memories are the cause of our problems, disease, death.

Thinking is about being right, about taking positions, about making your point. Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) is about bringing peace into a situation, peace beyond all understanding, followed by perfect and right solutions.

Thinking is aggressive, telling the other person what is so. Cleaning is about love, about allowing love to transmute memories to love. And it does it lovingly. Cleaning is about creating a peaceful and wonderful relationship with love and everyone and everything.

Thinking puts the individual against others. Cleaning (Ho’oponopono) is about peace beyond all understanding. Thinking is about trying to understand the nature of things, which is beyond the intellect’s ability to do so.

Thinking leads to ever changing knowledge. Cleaning is the way to love, to salvation, and to wisdom.